5 Easy Tips for Your Car Windshield

For any vehicle, the windshield is the only part of the vision. It is the major part of a vehicle that navigates you in your path. You must maintain it properly. You have to ensure it is safe, secure, and undamaged, and wiper blades are working fine.

Here we have given some helpful maintenance tips for your windshield. We assure you it will increase your longevity and state of being.

1. Follow Safe Distance

Apart from the typical damages possible from following a car in front of you at a close distance, it is even worse when your windshield has salt or frost coating on it that blocks you from seeing the road. It increases the chances of serious damage to the car and you. We can’t predict anything. Anything could have hit your windshield, you may lose control, and everything will happen in a fraction of seconds. When all these happen, a minor attack on your windshield may create a large crack. If you immediately work on it, it will eliminate the need for replacement.

2. Use Good Wiper Blades

The best protection you can give to your car’s windshield is the best set of wiper blades. It is also true that no matter what grade of wipers you have installed, it needs to be checked after every 6 months and replaced if needed. This is because, after several repeated uses in different weather conditions and climates, the blades become dirt and blunt which prevents them from working properly so you get a blurred windshield. You have to frequently check the blades and clean the gathered dirt and sand.

The old and not no so well conditioned wiper blades will prone to create scratches to your windshield.

You can use a readymade liquid to wash the wipers, we suggest a rag and good washer liquid.

3. Keep The Blades Down

Never leave your wiper blades up in a snow or ice storm. It kills the windshield. We get most windshield replacements in the winter because of poor wiper blades.

4. Winter Care

The most common reason we get many windshield replacements in the winter is from the people who approached the wrong way to remove the ice from the windows. They damage the windshield by poorly scraping the ice. The aggressive scraping and hitting the windows to make ice fall off them are common causes of windshield damage. Don’t do this.

5. Right Cleaner

Manual cleaning is needed from the windshield from time to time to remove the dirt collected behind the wiper blades. Make sure you use the cleaning solution with no ammonia. Ammonia is great for cleaning but it spoils the tint of auto glass. Clean the glass with a window cleaner and a cotton towel making sure you won’t do any scratches or streaks on it.

We hope the above tips can help you keep your car windshield in better condition for a long time. If you did not have time for these maintenances and cleaning, we at www.ixdagr.org have the best professionals to take of care everything mentioned above.